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Melanie Eng is a best-selling author, savvy solo traveller, customer service virtuoso, and lady of ‘gusty’ adventures.

Her life altering experience began when she wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday by climbing the Pyramids of Egypt. Feeling disappointed that she was unable to find a travel partner, she joined a tour to share the experience with new friends. Upon her arrival, shocked and surprised to learn she was the sole occupant on the tour. Feeling terrified as she had never travelled solo before let alone dine by herself. Slowly and painfully during the trip, she began exploring within. By the end of her journey, she felt she could triumph over anything. Melanie overcame her fear of swimming for the fifth time and a few years later, successfully ran a 2300 sq. ft. boutique retail business.

Since then Melanie Eng has taken her life several levels higher, internally and externally. She was an Executive Assistant to C-level Executives turned successful retail business owner, turned travel coach. During a roller coaster economy, Melanie mastered the art of turning complaining customers into raving loyal fans without any business experience.

Melanie's passion for travel fueled by her warmth, courage and confidence will inspire mature women to put the fire back in their lives. She is not formerly trained in the textbook version but her street ‘smarts’ and vast travel experiences consider her to be an expert.

Her mission is to serve mature women who want to get gutsy in travel while having fun. She will make the time to get to know who they are, what they enjoy and what they want to experience. 

Melanie’s promise is to take them by the hand, to go above and beyond and to go on unique, gutsy travel adventures.

Gutsy Lady Travel is the only company that coaches mature women worldwide who
wants to get 'gutsy' in travel during a time when finding a travel partner is a rare 

Maybe you have delayed your travel dreams to discover the wonders of Machu
Picchu or to connect with diverse world cultures.

To be the world’s leading authority in building self-confidence so you can
travel comfortably on your own, caring about your needs every step of the way. Thus enhancing your life and career.

To create fun and easy travel, adventurous programs, webinars, and group interactions for mature women forging together a community of like-minded women and building each woman’s level of confidence to acknowledge their true strength and value.

There are many mature women who are single by choice, widowed or divorced who
want to travel but are not able to because of their fears about travelling solo, the
inability to find a travel partner or present circumstances prevent them from doing so. It doesn’t have to be this way. Through our mission, my desire is to change the way women see travel. To see more, to do more and be more.

  • Accountability
  • Authentic connections
  • Appreciation
  • Equality
  • Fun
  • Integrity
  • Happy energetic women
  • Open to possibilities
  • Respect the individua
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